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Real life superheroes. There is a group of people out there who really fight crime really. These costumed activists go out on patrols, they raise money for charities, they hand out blankets and water to the homeless. Sometimes they take themselves too seriously, but sometimes you don't take them seriously enough. Maybe they're not as prolific as Superman or Spider-Man, but... they're real. -And they're spectacular.


Real Life Superheroes

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If you consider yourself (or someone you know) to be a RLSH, then now is the time to step forward and be recognized. We would like to be as representative as possible, so please contact us about inclusion here in The Encyclopedia. While nothing is guaranteed, include as much of your vitals and mission as you can in an email to submissions @ encyclopediasuperheroica dot com and our staff will give each entry the attention it deserves.

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