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Zetaman is a costumed activist operating in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Zetaman is "just a regular guy who works nights and has a family".



Like many of us, Illya King grew up drinking soda, eating pizza, and reading comicbooks. He makes his living now as a graphic designer, but felt a gnawing compulsion to do more. He googled "real life superheroes" and realized that there were others out there who felt as he did (and they had done something about it). So he combined his creativity with his community spirit and became... Zetaman. -And then compromised his own secret identity by welcoming video cameras into his home and confessing his real name (and a weakness for cats) to the public.

Zetaman conducts citizen patrols in his home city. Trained in First Aid and CPR, Zetaman does not just seek the glory of crimefighting, he is ready to help however he might be needed. He interacts with people on the street. He has donated his time, effort, and money to worthy causes. Zetaman has become an icon of sorts in the Pacific Northwest.

Eventually Zetaman had attracted the attention of a number of civic-minded individuals and together they became... the Alternates. This group went on to perform a number of community service missions. There were, however, a few public relations issues. There were also concerns regarding the disparate motivations of what was supposed to be a cohesive group. Ultimately Zetaman felt he had to withdraw his endorsement and get back to his soloing roots. After awhile, he attracted a new group of civic-minded individuals (this time with a greater unanimity) and they became... the Zeta-Corps.

Much of the Zeta story is told these days through online webisodes of a documentary feature called The Real Adventures of Zetaman.


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