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Citizen Prime is an inspirational superhero created and portrayed by social activist and actor/writer Jim Wayne for both real life and fictional inspiration. Jim Wayne has co-founded Worldwide Heroes Organization, a non-profit group using Citizen Prime as the inspiration for their social agenda. Citizen Prime also hosts his own internet talk radio series on Blog Talk Radio highlighting heroic events and unusual people.

Citizen Prime has some pretty high production values.


Real Life Activities

Citizen Prime's missions are all contained in the League of Citizen Heroes' grassroots agenda of inspiring people to empower themselves, support each other and partner with other socially aligned groups. Jim Wayne was also the Co-Founder of the original Worldwide Heroes Organization.

Citizen Prime's activities include a neighborhood watch program for under-privileged areas, MySpace campaigns for social change, and social evangelizing the benefits of living in a community conscious mindset.

Although Citizen Prime is often linked to the Real Life Superhero movement, he does not claim any official affiliation.

Jim Wayne is also producing fictional webisodes of the fictional Citizen Prime.

Fictional Citizen Prime

While Citizen Prime is an inspirational superhero in the real world, he also is a developed fictional superhero. A trailer for The Adventures of Citizen Prime highlights his main powers and skills.

Powers and special tools-of-the-trade


  • Priming: Priming is the ability to stimulate dormant DNA and, in so doing, activate a person’s hidden super powers. The nickname for these dormant superheroes is a “Potential”. Priming sparks, or primes, the powers of the Potential, literally re-sequencing his genetic material and activating his super powers.
  • To prime a Potential, Citizen Prime first dons his entire armor. You never know what the first thing a potential might do, such as sneeze Prime through a brick wall (its happened twice!). Then he must have physical contact with the Potential (he has special half finger gloves made specifically for this purpose). And finally, concentrating, he repeats the ancient mantra (that is more ritual than functional, but it certainly impresses the Potentials). After a few seconds, his hands begin to glow and the energy surges out through his fingers and into the Potential. When he is finished, the new born superhero is fully primed with all powers in tact!
  • Super Power Awareness: This power works two ways. First, Prime can sense anyone with super powers that is nearby. This is the chief method Prime uses to identify Potentials. Without it, he would not know who had dormant superpowers and who didn’t, so Super Power Awareness is critical in fulfilling his mission.
  • Secondly, not only is he aware of the dormant superpowers of Potentials, but he can detect the presence of active super powers, as well. The range varies based upon the emotional state of the super being, but he absolutely knows when they are within 25 feet and has been know to sense enraged enemies at 300 feet. This power has alerted him to danger more times than he can count.
  • Hyper Intuition: Not only does Citizen Prime detect Potentials but he has to make the awesome decision whether to prime the Potential’s abilities. Luckily, the complete Prime Package comes with Hyper Intuition. This power helps Prime sense someone’s true character as well as his current emotional state. The longer Prime is around someone, the more accurately he can tell if they can be trusted with super powers. That doesn’t mean it is infallible! Prime can, and has, been wrong in the past (and paid the price for it too).
  • Ancient Prime Training: Citizen Prime is the latest in a long line of Primes. Each Prime of its generation passes the torch when his time is up (see “Where did your superhero get his powers” below). It would be exhausting to list all the things this Ancient Training entails, but the better part of ten years were consumed by training under the previous Prime in everything from forgotten combat forms to current investigative skills. In other words, he is fully trained in every aspect he might need to know to track, confront and protect Potentials as they accept the responsibility that is their destiny.
  • Mentoring: Hyper Intuition goes a long way to help Prime, but it was clear from an early age that he was a perceptive teacher. His years of training newly primed heroes has honed his ability to know just what a new hero needs and the curriculum that would get them up to “survivability speed” in the least amount of time.
  • Tactical Genius: Surviving numerous overwhelming situations with raw recruits has hardened Prime’s battlefield tactics to a razor sharp point. Considering that he has to actually fight super powered opponents with only his wits and tools of the trade, Prime has learned what will work best in most situations. Consequently, he plans ahead with uncanny insight and acts decisively in most field situations.


  • Prime Armor: Prime’s suit is one of his most valuable assets. It is bullet resistant, fire proof and trauma resistant to a large degree. Prime has been literally thrown through brick walls without much damage on more than one occasion (see Priming power above). A friend and patron, on occasion, repairs and refits Prime’s armor with cutting edge technology (See Vice below).
  • Battle Rod': Prime’s signature weapon is his Battle Rod. This specially constructed rod replaces the sword of previous generations of Primes (which hangs proudly on Prime’s wall, at home). The Battle Rod is an ingenious combination of nitrogen powered hand cannon, 900,000 volt stun baton, blunt trauma inducer (that means it hits people really hard) and is his primary means of hand-to-hand defense against super powerful blows and characters. Prime is an expert martial artist in both his Rod and Anglo-Saxon broad, long and short sword techniques.
  • Geek Specs for Battle Rod':

The Battle Rod is constructed of a special polymer developed for space travel that, in a rest state, has a tensile strength of hardened steel while it is as light as plastic. Molecularly, the material is composed of three dimensionally reinforced intelligent molecules whose bonds become exponentially stronger as more a force or energy is applied to them. It has withstood a car compactor, a direct grenade blast and a blow that sheared a steel street light in two. It is no more resistant to non-force/energy attacks than any other hardened steel shaft. For example, acid would eventually destroy the rod, as it would any metal.


  • Cage: More than a weapon or tool, Prime has his patron and benefactor named David Cage. Cage was a Potential who was activated by Prime but lost his sight in an ensuing fight with Prime’s nemesis, Magnate Prime. Prime saved his life and for that, Cage has pledged to help him whenever possible. And Cage’s help is valuable indeed! He is an aerospace engineer with a passion for gadgets and access to many non-production devices and materials, such as the material that makes Prime’s Battle Rod. Cage’s help is precarious, as not only does he have a hard time tracking down Prime these days, but his help is measured by his risk of exposure; if his superiors found out he was slipping secrets out the back door to fight crime in the street, he’d have a lot more of time to help Prime in between filing for unemployment checks. Cage is a true friend but his help comes at off times and in odd ways.


  • Innocent Creatures: Prime’s biggest weakness, by far, is his uncommon bond with innocent creatures, especially animals. While this weakness has been exploited countless times (it is something of an inside joke with Magnate and his cronies) Prime cannot help but feel for innocents in jeopardy.
  • Priming Recovery: When he has primed a Potential, he is stunned and unable to really defend himself for a short while.
  • Psychic Powers: Mind powers are especially lethal to Prime, as he has little control over the energies that his psychically sensitive brain intercepts from outside sources.
  • Cost of Doing Business: Because he is constantly repairing his armor, body, car. house and anything else that gets damaged in the line of duty, Prime doesn’t have two nickels to rub together.

Media Coverage

Phoenix Magazine (March, 2007) was Citizen Prime's first official cover story. Since then, he has also appeared in National Enquirer, Bizarre Magazine (UK) and The Arizona Republic. Prime has also made public appearances on Fox and Friends, Geraldo At Large, KFYI, and numerous morning shows around the country.

Citizen Prime also appeared at the San Diego Comic Convention, 2007.

Crime Fighting Rumors

Many stories highlight the more sensational aspects of Citizen Prime's accessories, most notably among them, his arsenal of non-lethal weapons. Prime is quick to point out that while he does patrol both solo and with Worldwide Heroes members, he wears the Prime Armor for raising awareness to important issues and not for daily patrols.

Citizen Prime has stopped real crime while in civilian clothes and claims that his first line of defense is always his cell phone and that everyone should call in suspicious activity and interfere only when other lives are in danger.


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