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Spider-Man is one of the most well-known superheroes in the world.

With great power comes great responsibility (to pose for fanpix).



Peter Parker was just another misfit loner at school. Then he was bitten by a radioactive, genetically-enhanced spider and he transformed into the amazing Spider-Man.


Seemingly on his way to complete orphandom after his uncle died (one of many deaths Peter would have to mourn over the years), Parker continued to care for his elderly Aunt May. This near-isolation allowed him ample opportunity to crawl off unnoticed to fight crime.

Spider-Man fought numerous villains, supervillains, and aliens throughout his career. However accustomed he became to the superhero life, he always stuggled to maintain his secret identity and contain the collateral damage to a minimum.

Powers and Abilities

Web-slinger on parade.
His "spider-sense" prevents him from being surprised when you try to sneak up on him.

Peter Parker is a gifted photographer and web designer.

Spider-Man has heightened agility and strength. He also possesses the ability to cast webbing (of various viscosities) like a spider. Perhaps the most critical power is that of his "spider-sense". When he feels this acute precognition, he knows he's in danger and instinctively reacts to remove himself from danger before he gets squashed like a bug.


Spider-Man's iconic outfit (which included gloves and headmask) has been red and blue with a black spiderweb foreground and black spider emblem on his chest.

At one point Spider-Man received a new (black and white) costume of alien manufacture. It was more stylish, durable, and convenient than his old one, so he quickly embraced it as part of a new persona. It was discovered later that there was a more noxious nature to the suit than just inert materials and he had to discard it. Spider-Man freed himself of the new look and returned to his classic red, blue, and black uniform.

Through his association with millionaire Tony Stark, Spider-Man acquired a new technologically advanced costume. This costume featured some extra gadgets and a red and gold color scheme (like that of Spider-Woman and/or Iron Man himself). There was, however, a bit of a falling-out and Spider-Man has since resumed wearing the classic gear.

Turn off the dark.
Spider-Man fan.

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