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Marvel Comics characters operate in a rather comprehensive universe of their own.

The Marvel not-so-secret files.


Corporate History

Marvel's origins can be traced back to 1933 and it eventually became the largest beast in the comicbook business. It's 300 employees manage 5000 characters. Marvel Entertainment is currently a publicly traded company (NYSE: MVL) whose revenue fluctuates wildly lately with the release of each movie version of one of it's comicbook properties.


The Marvel Universe is comprised of everything in our own reality plus superheroes, supervillains, and other suspensions of disbelief. These would include Captain America, the X-Men, and the Baxter Building. Like other publishers before and since, Marvel has created a number of alternate realities to expand their own narrative possibilities. There have even been a few crossovers into the DC Universe. Other than the superheroic people, places, and things, the Marvel Universe quite closely resembles our own underpowered one.


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