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Captain America was World War II’s quintessential American superhero. Cloaked in red, white, and blue, he fought Nazis, neutralized the supervillain Red Skull, and even had a chance to punch Der Führer himself before war’s end. The greatest hero of the greatest generation survived not just that war, but every war since.

Captain America in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.



Born Steve Rogers, he attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army, but was rejected as being physically unfit for duty. He got a second chance from American science, however, due to a combination of a Super-Soldier serum and exposure to Vita-Rays. Becoming the pinnacle of human physical perfection, Captain America battled evil with just two fists and a good, solid shield.


Over the next 60 years he endured the death of his sidekick Bucky, involuntary suspended animation, and a superhero civil-war that had him in direct opposition to the policies of the American government he had sworn to defend. Not just an American agent, he has saved the world more than once. No immortal, he has faced certain death countless times -and there have been more than a few replacements eager to wear the uniform in his place should he be terminated. Through it all though, Captain America persevered –the ultimate winter soldier. His depiction has sometimes been a little simplistic, but the character was always meant to represent the very highest American ideals –especially Liberty.

Captain America and Ultimate Captain America arrest Red Skull.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to his vibranium-alloy shield, he possesses extraordinary strength and speed. He is an expert in martial arts. His leadership abilities are unparalleled and he has risen to command just about every assembly of which he has been a part.


It has not been definitively established that he has a single headquarters, but it seems that he has opened a pub overseas ("Serving Ireland since 1971").

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