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Burgh Man was once the superheroic personification of Pittsburgh.

Burgh Man is dedicated to bringing out the best in people.



Burgh Man started out as a casual roller-blader. One day he was inspired to make his rounds in the black and gold of the city's unofficial colors. Appreciating the attention that it generated, Burgh Man decided to turn his hobby into an entertaining (and hopefully inspirational) endeavor for others. He published a comicbook and suggested this oath for kids "I promise to listen to my parents and teachers and not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, take drugs or be violent. I will treat everyone with respect and I promise to become the best I can be.". He has even been honored by the City of Pittsburgh which declared October 8, 2002 "Burgh Man Day".


BurghMan.com does not seem to have been updated since 2007. It has been reported that he has retired and moved to Florida. This coincides with indications that "Mr. 1776" (launched on a July 4th) is his new superheroic identity.


  • Rollerblading
  • Marathoning
  • Juggling


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