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Mr. Twister was a Good Samaritan serving Santa Cruz, California in the mid-1990's.

Mr. Twister is a clown. Literally.


Mr. Twister put on a uniform, just like any other superhero. Mr. Twister did good deeds, just like any other superhero. There was, however, a twist to this superhero story. In rare cases, a superhero may even be compelled to deliberately disobey the law -if that law is truly unjust.

Mr. Twister saw helpless cars on the street. Cars vulnerable to being ticketed because their meters had expired. Magnanimous Mr. Twister was putting his own quarters into those meters. As soon as he twisted that knob, he became a hero in the eyes of the drivers. As soon as he twisted that knob, he became a criminal in the eyes of the law. That's right, Mr. Twister was warned by a meter-reader and eventually fined ($13) by the city for his actions.

Believing that it was a matter of principle, Mr. Twister took his case to the streets. He also took his case to the law offices of Benjamin Rice. Once the city's anti-meter-feeding law was shown to be counterproductive, it was repealed and Mr. Twister's fine waived.

It appears that Mr. Twister has retired from his superheroic duties and moved to Las Vegas, but still performs his balloon art magic for children.


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