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Entomo is Italy's foremost real life superhero.

He injects justice!



"Broken time" is his symbol. Hourglass because he is running out of time, fighting for a civilization sinking in the sands of emptiness. Sigma because he sums up all the powerful, silent, and venomous small creatures inhabiting the Earth. He employs his faculties in saving what is left to save and destroying what does not fit in the bigger scheme of equilibrium. From investigation to patrol activity to environmentalism, he stands for the biggest conundrum of the known universe: balance between enthalpy and entropy. There is no where for Evil to hide, for he injects justice into the hearts of the wicked and all those who dare unbalance society.

Powers and Abilities

  • Martial Arts (Aikido, Krav Maga, etc.)
  • Heightened reflexes, agility, and senses.
  • Paranormal empathy with insects and arthropods.


Officially MySpaced
As documented at YouTube
As interviewed at GnackAttack
As mentioned on NPR

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