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He's Geist, a regular person doing something out of the ordinary to make his city a better and safer place.

-Also known as the Emerald Enforcer.



He is concerned with victims of tragedy, the homeless, charitable (non-political) causes, crime deterrance, grafitti clean-up, and citizen watches. He gives food & supplies to food shelves and animal shelters, toys to children in crisis, and participates in general community service. Geist patrols the streets to deter, prevent, or report crime. He states that he is prepared for literal crime fighting as well, but acknowledges that he is just another pair of eyes and ears at the side of the Police. "I'm not looking to get in your way, but will help as I can until you arrive."


"We wear our costumes to draw awareness to need. We wear masks to symbolize that we could be anyone - even you. When you notice us, it should bring to your mind that it really doesn't take a mask or costume to be a Hero. You can step up in your own way. Part of my mission is to inspire others to do what they can."


  • Bolos
  • Stun baton
  • Pepper spray


  • Vambraces
  • Leather boots



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