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Terrifica protects the single girl living in the big city.

Terrifica is here to fight evil.



From about 1995 through 2006 Terrifica was documented patrolling the streets of New York City -often saving inebriated women from themselves. Mild-mannered "Sarah" by day, she would gear up and head out to the bars at night. Packing pepperspray and condoms in her utility belt, she was prepared for almost any eventuality. She considered sobriety her primary weapon -though some (including archnemesis Fantastico) believed her ____blocking defense to be unwarranted vigilantism. Despite the fact that not even her blog has been updated recently, perhaps she is out there still -watching...


"I come out at night, to fight evil. I roam through the city when the bars are closing down, and save drunken, unsuspecting girls from creeps who are trying to take advantage of them."


Her Official MySpace.
As featured in New York magazine.
As reported by ABC News
As considered at Alternet.org

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