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Most comic book characters can also be classified by their spirituality. The Comic Book Religion Database does just that.

Comic Book Religion Database



There are over 18,000 characters listed in the Comic Book Religion database. In addition to some of the more popular religions and denominations, there are several unconventional ones too, including: Wiccan, Norse, Occult, Voodun, Vampire, etc.

Religion of Characters

  • Greco-Roman: Namor, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, etc.
  • Jewish: the Thing, Magneto, American Flagg, etc.
  • Catholic: Daredevil, Nightcrawler, Hellboy, etc.
  • Protestant: Captain America, Cyborg, Ms. Marvel, etc.
  • Episcopalian: Angel, Beast, Elastigirl, etc.
  • Baptist: Bibleman, Canonball, Falcon, etc.
  • Muslim: Batal, Dust, Darr the Afflicter, etc.
  • Hindu: Thunderbird, Deadman, Shakti, etc.
  • Buddhist: Katana, Hiro Nakamura, Radioactive Man (Chen Lu), etc.
  • etc.

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