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Wonder Woman is an Amazon.

Peaceloving Wonder Woman and warmongering Sgt. Slaughter sharing a moment together among their fans.
Wonder Woman has had various incarnations and identities over the years.



The Amazons of classical myth are alive and well on the isolated island of Themyscira. Their queen, Hippolyta, desired a daughter and heir. She formed an infant from clay and then had her creation imbued with superhuman powers by the Olympian gods. The child, Diana, was raised to be a warrior princess. Eventually though, she realized that her destiny lie elsewhere. She left the island paradise behind so that she could make a difference in "the world of men".


Possessed of superhuman strength, endurance, and agility, Wonder Woman can also fly.

Weapons and Armor

Her primary weapon is the Lariat of Hestia -which can bind even the strongest villain (and force them to tell the truth). She also possesses a pair of indestructible bracelets which can deflect any projectile or energy blast. She has also worn or wielded other Olympian-forged arms and armor over the years.


Wonder Woman isn't completely invulnerable, but she doesn't have any particular weakness either. Even without her superhuman powers (which has happened on occasion), she's still a martial arts expert and master tactician.


Wonder Woman serves as an emissary of peace on behalf of the primal Earth spirit Gaea.

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