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Wrecker is the babyfaced superhero who personifies "collateral damage". One way or another, she always gets what she wants. Hopefully she gets it quickly.

Deceptively adorable.


Erika Macintosh was just another golden-haired cutie auditioning for a shampoo commercial. Her handlers scrubbed-in the sudsing bubbles of the experimental shampoo and she mumbled her lines like a three year old pro. Suddenly a scientist in a stained labcoat rushed onto the set and grabbed the director. They exchanged some harsh words and then rushed over to Erika. They rinsed her off and dismissed her immediately. Unknown to everyone on the set though, the damage had already been done. That night, when Erika went to bed, she felt a slight tingling sensation on her head as she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke the next morning with the brightest, shiniest hair her mother had ever seen. It was so beautiful it did not even need to be combed. This came as a relief to her mother who was running late anyway. When her mother put cereal flakes in front of her, she asked for pancakes instead. When her harried mother refused, little Erika crossed her arms and pouted. She pouted so hard that her face turned pink and her blonde hair started to glow. The cereal box shook, tipped over, and spilled its contents across the table. Her hair glowed brighter and the carton of milk boiled over like a miniature volcano. Her hair went platinum and the refrigerator burst open, spilling jam and everything else onto the floor. That was when her mother recognized the obvious: it was time to make some pancakes.

Would you like fries with that?

Powers and Abilities

Wrecker means well and intends to use her powers for good. Unfortunately, her control over this charming telekinesis is limited at best.

Known Associates

Wrecker rights wrongs primarily with MonkeyBoy and the Screaming Peanut. Occasionally Keeferman has had to swoop in and sweep up the mess. That job should really go to her eldest brother though -the Gladiator.

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