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The Screaming Peanut is a pint-sized superheroine charged with keeping the playgrounds and schoolyards of Crossroads City safe.

If you are bad, she will squash you like a bug.


Lexi Macintosh seemed like just another little girl until that one day. One day at school Lexi watched in horror as her big brother turned from a regular boy into a simpering little monkey. She cried out as he scampered around the cafeteria like a cornered animal. Time seemed to stop though as a brightly shining figure suddenly appeared before her. An old woman stepped forward out of the light and handed her an outfit. "Whenever you're frightened", the old woman said, "just put this on". The light faded, the old woman disappeared, and time came unfrozen. Lexi ran into a closet and donned the costume while everyone was trying to catch the spazzing MonkeyBoy. Immediately she shrunk down to one tenth her size, but felt a hundred times stronger and rushed back to the scene.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" she shouted in a voice so loud it shook the ground and knocked everybody down. MonkeyBoy used that moment to leap for an open window and out he went. Everyone got back to their feet and looked around, but it seemed they had overlooked Lexi completely. She was so small they looked right over her. She used that moment to run back to the closet and take her costume off. Distracted as they were by the mess in the cafeteria and the shock of being knocked down, they never noticed her transformation, so she just resumed her seat. Everyone who was there still tells the story to anyone who will listen, but no one ever found out what really happened. "Little Miss Loudmouth" is keeping her secret.

Powers and Abilities

Screaming Peanut in action.

When she dons her costume, Peanut shrinks by a factor of ten and has amazing sonic abilities. Peanut can easily pass through the net of almost any chain link fence. The Screaming Peanut's voice can shatter glass and concrete. Peanut retains her full child strength while shrunk. The Screaming Peanut can also cast her Secret Whisper across any distance to any intended recipient within eyesight.

Known Associates

Peanut tries to stay out of trouble, but often finds her self drawn into it by her troubled associates. Her big brother MonkeyBoy and her little sister Wrecker being primary examples of this. Her biggest brother, the Gladiator, is another bad example. She has also been seen getting into/outof trouble with Keeferman too.

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