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MonkeyBoy is a juvenile superhero cursed (or sometimes considered blessed) with the powers and appearance of a monkey.

The T stands for trouble.



One day, while ignoring both his homework and his chores, little Tyler Macintosh was walking down the street focused on his handheld game console. On the verge of "levelling", Tyler tripped over his own sloppily-tied shoelace and tumbled onto the neighborhood sidewalk. Not only did he crash himself into the pavement, but he smashed his game to bits. Tyler unleashed a tantrum of expletives far spicier than his years and stomped up and down on the device until it was just dust. All of this was witnessed by an innocent bystander -an old woman who could not help but laugh as the little boy lost his mind and behaved like a primate. Tyler, forgetting his manners, deliberately continued his expletive-laced tirade -this time directing the abuse at the old woman. She was shocked, but she was not powerless. She muttered a gypsy curse under her breath, pointed at the little boy, and whispered hoarsely: "You'll get what you deserve."

So he did. When he woke up the next morning, he found himself alittle fuzzier than he had been the night before. The newfound fuzz itched something awful and Tyler could not stop scratching himself. He itched all through breakfast and he itched all through his schoolbus ride. When a girl in his classroom teased him about it and he lost his temper, so too did he lose his boyish good looks. He transformed immediately into... MonkeyBoy!

Half boy, half monkey, Tyler was now incapable of coherent speech. No one could understand a word he said. He was, however, capable of amazing physical feats. He could leap ten feet into the air and swing around a room like a superpowered acrobat. He had phenomenal speed and agility. Unfortunately, he also had a tail. A prehensile one. Which stuck out like a sore thumb.

Only when he has calmed down and expressed genuine remorse for his misdeeds does MonkeyBoy revert to his fully human state. Any time he misbehaves though, it is back to his cursed monkey form.

Powers and Abilities

The good news is that he is a quick healer.


MonkeyBoy has heightened agility and speed. He also possesses an extraordinary climbing ability, balance, and coordination. Unfazed by any height, MonkeyBoy can climb almost anything.


While in his MonkeyBoy form, he is incapable of human speech. It seems that his brain issues the command, but only non-sensible monkey chatter comes out of his mouth. Often this further frustrates MonkeyBoy and extends the duration of his cursed transformation. His super-coordination does not seem to extend to writing either. All he can do with a pen or pencil is scribble some illegible scrawl on paper. Only when he reverts to human form is he capable of direct communication with other humans. Until then, he can only hope his pantomiming gets any intended message across.


Known Associates

Basically a good boy, Tyler (a.k.a. "Tater") does what he can to help out around the house, around the neighborhood, and around the town. MonkeyBoy has even been known to team-up with Keeferman on occasion. Most of the time though, when he is not flying solo, MonkeyBoy is fighting crime alongside his diminutive siblings Wrecker and the Screaming Peanut. It's rumored that he gets most of his troublemaking ideas from his older brother (the Gladiator).

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