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Grrls in the Comix, before the site expired, was an attempt to document the real contribution of women to the world of superheroes.

Grrls in the Comix.



"Something very interesting is happening in the world of comic books. Women superheroes are kicking butt like never before. From DC to Ultraverse, the Age of the Woman Superhero seems to have arrived."

There is a Gallery of Superheroes, a section of Readings on women in comicbooks, a Bibliography, and a Links section.


"It's a toss-up as to which is the most off-putting at first glance, depictions of women on the covers of comic books or the stores you have to go into to buy them. A Roberta Gregory strip, Haven't a Clue, shows two young women in a comic book shop: "Look at the way these guys draw'd think they'd never seen a real one with her clothes off." And that is the problem. Comic books are mostly drawn, written, and marketed by men. However, within this state of affairs, many characters are being created that have appeal and relevance even from a feminist viewpoint. Also the current phenomenon of women superheroes/villains in the comics makes a bit of cultural analysis hard to resist."

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