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Tank Man is the superhero who derived his name not from who he was, but what he fought.

Tank Man towering over a column of PLA main battle tanks.



In the summer of 1989 an ordinary citizen in the People's Republic of China, stood up against oppression and became an international symbol of courage. Nothing says bravery like the thousand words of the picture which shows him standing in front of those tanks. Armed only with two mysterious plastic bags, Tank Man put an end to the massacre and rallied a demoralized populace.

Or so it would seem to the limited access given to Western eyes.

Tank Man maintains his secret identity though and carries on to this very day with the work of liberating the Chinese people and bringing a truly democratic republic to communist China.

Weapons & Armor

Two mysterious plastic bags and his own indomitable will.


  • "Treason" by Naked Raygun
  • "Combat Baby" by Metric

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