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Superataf is the real life superhero who will save the Fiorentini (Florentines) from the too much long waits to the stopped one of the bus.

The arrival of Superataf!



Born on the banks of the Arno river, Superataf was originally just a completely normal citizen, but developed superpowers later on due to a particularly disturbing bus ride. That ride was courtesy of the Azienda Trasporti dell'Area Fiorentina (Company Transports of the Florence Area).


  • To focus on it's powerful person the wish of the Fiorentini to travel in bus, but without to renounce to praticit√† and comfort.
  • To take kindly in turn anyone would have become in charge of the inadempienze of the service bus.
  • To attract the attention on the many possible improvements, particularly to civil, political, mediatico level international.
  • To render all contents of the bus, that the case is not still own.


Superataf's Official Power Site
The official website of Florence's ATAF
The official website of Atlanta's MARTA

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