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Orgazmo is on a mission to make sex safe again.

Fighting crime never felt so good.



Mormon Joe Young is a missionary trying to make a decent living for himself and his innocent bride to be. Unfortunately he finds a more lucrative career in the adult film industry. He also finds a kindred spirit (and brilliant scientific mind) in one of his co-stars. Together, the two employ their wits and technology against the criminal scum of Los Angeles.


  • Joe is a martial arts master, but otherwise quite normal.


  • The Orgazmorator, a debilitating non-lethal weapon.


Pink bodysuit with silver gloves, boots, and codpiece. His cape is green. The logo on his chest is a big, black "O" with silver lightningbolt/marital-aid strikethrough.


  • Lisa, his fiancee
  • Choda-Boy, his sidekick
  • Dave, the lighting guy


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