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While it would appear that Newbury Comics' online presence focuses on their other merchandise, they still (mostly through their brick & mortar fronts -of which there are almost 30 locations) deal comicbooks.

Newbury Comics



Newbury Comics was established in 1978 by two college kids (Mike Dreese and John Brusger). Their school was M.I.T. and their first location was on Newbury street in Boston. They started with comics and worked their way into vinyl. By 1995 they had multiple locations and a significant online presence. Now, in addition to comics, they deal action figures, t-shirts, alternative music, and Doc Martens -to name just a few of the many.


"The legacy Newbury Comics, Inc. has built relies on the following:

  • Scouring the globe for interesting and thought provoking merchandise and constantly adding new products to our selection in order to give customers more of what they want in a one-stop-shopping experience.
  • In a world increasingly dominated by big box mass merchant retailers, we support independent artists and cultural visionaries and realize the importance of offering pop culture that amuses, entertains and/or challenges our customers’ perceptions of the world.
  • Our customers are our livelihood, and therefore we strive to offer exceptional customer service.
  • Company practices based on: trust, respect, and offering quality goods and services."


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