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Jim and Tim's exhaustive collection of mutant, human, duct tape superheroes was the first to recognize this particular sub category of superheroes -heroes who can fix anything.

Duct tape fixes Everything.



The Duct Tape Guys are perhaps the most well known duct tape superheroes and they are so certain that duct tape fixes everything that they have actually written a book about it. They believe that speed is one of duct tape's most remarkable qualities.
"Duct tape is the quick fix. We (especially in America) want stuff to happen quickly - we lack the patience (and often the skill) to fix stuff right. Plus, this is a throw-away society. We would rather throw something away and buy new than repair and use. If money is tight - repair is the chosen option. The quick repair is duct tape."

Known Membership

  • The Duct Tape Guys
  • Duct Tape Man
  • Duct Tape Super Gal
  • Captain Duct Tape
  • Clifford
  • Duct Tape Knight
  • Duct Tape Repair Man
  • Captain Ethanol

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