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DragonCon is one of the largest superhero conventions in the world.


The Convention

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, it is a Labor Day Weekend event where the greatest superheroes get to meet with their greatest fans. There is a giant parade. There are hundreds of artists, thousands of gamers, and millions of comic books. There are acres of merchandise. There are autograph booths and discussion groups. There is even an organized competition where robots battle eachother to the death. For most events, a pass is required as proof of paid attendance. In addition to the formal proceedings of the Con itself there are many informal meetups and photo-ops as well.

By the Numbers

  • 40,000 paid attendees.
  • A parade featuring 2000 costumed marchers.
  • 250 guests and bands.
  • 35 simultaneous programming tracks.
  • 3,500 hours of panels, seminars, and demonstrations.
  • An estimated $15,000,000 to $25,000,000 economic impact to the city.


For many, the most interesting part of DragonCon is the opportunity to mix and mingle with the superhero community afterhours. There is a unique club scene centered around the downtown hotel district. At these balls, concerts, and DJ gigs, there are almost as many people with capes and masks as there are with jeans and t-shirts. Some fans are fortunate enough to receive invitations to exclusive parties in luxury suites upstairs. Wallflowers (and the paparazzi) usually hang out in the hotel lobbies and bars though where a stream of superheroes, supervillains, and attendants pass by in a seemingly never-ending human supertrain. Slack-jawed gawkers and intrepid interviewers often find themselves rubbing elbows (and raising glasses) with the very objects of their obsession.


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