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Cyberspacers are an open-membership group of superheroes dedicated to do their best online and off-line.

Defenders Online Team.


Take the Oath

On my honor, I promise to do my best along the Information Super-Highway. At all times, I stay mentally alert and keenly aware of any dangerous detours along the way. I respect others -as I expect others to respect me. I hope to make friends -but I am cautious. I do not share personal information with strangers. I may travel for fun and games - yet - I spend time wisely. I search for knowledge and truth in order to achieve my goals, for the good of cyberspace, and planet Earth.

Defenders Online Team

  • Digital Dave, 14 year-old action game champ.
  • Dot Org, from beyond known CyberSpace.
  • Tech-Whiz Tina, 13 year-old computer science pro.


The official home of the Cyberspacers

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