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Comixpedia was founded in early September 2005. It is a free content encyclopedia specializing in webcomics. As of the summer of 2009, it has over 4,000 articles.



The influence of Wikipedia is strong in Comixpedia. The policies and user behavior of the site reflect some of the fundamental concepts of Wikipedia and their culuture. For example, comixpedians informally assume good faith, welcome new users, and discuss on how to best to manage the project despite there are no policies and guideline to govern their users. The vanity rule may been dropped but the Netural Point of View is kept strongly, which is non-neogiationable policy of every Wikipedia lanugage editon in existance. Like Wikipedia, also run on Mediawiki software, which is developed by Wikipedia's parent organization, Wikimedia. Unlike Wikipedia, which aims to be a comprehensive user-edited encyclopedia and thus only includes comics it deems as notable under the provisions of its Webcomic Project guidelines, Comixpedia has no such restrictions on content.


Comixpedia appears to have a confusing pedigree as it was born out of Wikipedia, eventually became a media content site at ComixTalk, but still exists as a wiki at


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