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What started as a pretty basic do-it-yourself idea a few years ago has evolved through a number of incarnations into a nearly infamous product that is still available, in one form or another, today.




From the manufacturer:
"Our highly rated self-publishing software will enable you to create your own comic books using pictures from your digital camera, scanner, screen grabber, video games, or one of our free clipart packages. Included with Comic Book Creator is a full licensed copy of PDF Writer, allowing you to create PDF's from any program as easily as printing, and an evaluation copy of FRAPS for making screen grabs from your favorite videos or computer games."


Planetwide Games released Comic Book Creator in 2005. There was an untapped market for an all-inclusive software package that would provide the structure (and some basic artwork) for you to express your adventures in comicbook form without all the messy ink and crumpled-up paper. This seems to have sold well-enough to have resulted in several primary versions up to 2.0 (2007) and a number of spinoffs such as Speed Racer, Nacho Libre, Pets, and even Marvel Heroes.

The franchise's latest incarnation was released as MashOn Spore Comic Book Creator in 2009. This particular flavor centers around the story (and artwork) of Spore (a computer game in which you create lifeforms, guide their evolution, and help them develop a civilization). In addition to being fully functional software you can buy, there is also a free beta version of it available online. Developers have stated that this online format will be their main focus for the immediate future.


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