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The Boston Superheroine Project isn't just for women.

The Boston Superheroine Project appears to believe that a good sense of humor can get you though almost anything. Including the otherwise-awkward moments posed by consideration of prehistoric art.



In 2004 it was believed that the time was nigh for all superheroine restorers of justice, liberty, and comedy to unite. "She-ro" power for the 21st century and beyond. The Boston Superheroine Project believed that we must joyously seize the time and reclaim Earth for the lovely ones - all 6 billion of us.

While their links may be dead, their spirit lives on.


"To claim our inherent superpowers, to lay waste to all timidity and hopelessness in our lives, and save the world from oppression! Let us unite and explore our real selves and our latent powers through the cultivation our our SUPERHEROINE IDENTITIES."


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