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Union of Heroes is a photocomic about superheroes -from the Ruhr valley of a Germany on a parallel Earth.

The time has come for new heroes.



Marc Ridbeck was one day approached by a mysterious stranger. This stranger challenged him with an invitation. Stay here on this Earth as just an ordinary guy... or go with the stranger to the Earth of a parallel dimension where he could be a superhero instead. As mundane as Marc's life was at that point, it was not a difficult decision to make. -Now he is known as Erzengel (a.k.a. "Archangel" or "Ore-Angel") and he is on a mission.


  • Erzengel
  • the Eternal Victim
  • the One Who Knows
  • Jenny Everywhere
  • Nordstadt-Barde


  • Jana Baron


  • Manero

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