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Ted Dinero is the world's first budgeting superhero.

Green spandex can't contain his enthusia$m.



Ted was a financial advisor working in some big fancy building in the city -until one day he made a big mistake with somebody's financial account. Next thing you know, old Ted's out on the street. This placed him in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time whereupon a radioactive dollar bill bit him on the cheek. Ever since then, he's been righting financial wrongs everywhere he finds them.


Ted Dinero's dancing (and other superhero activities) eventually slowed to a crawl. At one point he'd become associated with a piece of budgeting software. He's since withdrawn from the public eye and TedDinero.com no longer resolves. it's hoped that one day he shall return.


The Ted Dinero channel at YouTube.
His financial records appear to have been expunged from http://www.mvelopes.com/teddinero

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