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Neuroxin is one of Keeferman's arch enemies. He was actually once both a practicing physician and webmaster to a multinational pharmaceutical corporation. There was, however, an "incident". He's since been driven mad and is now on a mission to spread better living through chemistry.



Currently a member of megacorporation DotCom, Neuroxin began as one of Keeferman's loyal confidants. Eventually his pharmacologically-induced apathy (and near-total immersion in a virtual reality environment) made him a primary subject of Keeferman's crusade against social-anxiety disorders. Keeferman appears, however, to have pushed him too far and Neuroxin turned against him.

From that point forward, Neuroxin has harbored a deep animosity toward Keeferman. Neuroxin's goal to eliminate Keeferman completely has yet to be realized, but he has succeeded in neutralizing him on a number of occasions.

Powers and Abilities

Physically unimposing, Neuroxin's main strength seems to lie in avoiding confrontation. (He does possess extraordinary Virtual Combat skills.)

He is also a pharmaceutical genius. His potions and elixirs grant him a wide spectrum of extraordinary powers. Suspended animation, invisibility, and heightened senses are just some of the many at his immediate disposal.

Neuroxin is fluent in a number of languages/protocols including HTML, Perl, and Leet.

Weapons & Armor

  • Pharmacalogical Pants of Prophecy

Known Weaknesses

A longtime addict (nicotine, caffeine, etc.), Neuroxin is severely hampered by his constant smoke breaks and coffee breaks. In fact, if deprived of them for long enough, he can easily be brought to his knees. It has also been supposed that acute taurine poisoning (brought about by over-indulgence in various "energy drinks") is responsible for some his frequent disappearances from the public eye.

Known Associates


“Trip Like I Do” by Filter & Crystal Method

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