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Search Mile High Comics' immense inventory of 5,000,000+ comics and 100,000+ trade paperbacks by Title or Keyword.

Mile High Comics



To turn our web site into the #1 source of bibliographic information about comics in the world.


Chuck Rozanski started Mile High Comics in his parents' basement in 1969. He started selling comics at flea markets and then got into national conventions. He opened the first Mile High Comics retail store in Boulder, Colorado. By 1977 he had a chain of four stores.

That's when it happened. The death of Edgar Church and the resolution of his estate -resulting in the greatest accumulation of Golden Age comics ever discovered. The infamous "Mile High Collection".

Then there was "Mile High II".

Then the internet.

Now they claim to have the largest inventory of comics and collectibles in the world.


The Official Site
Chuck's personal account of "Mile High Collection"

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