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In addition to Keeferman himself, the characters [[Joanderwoman]], the [[Cricket]], and [[HellKat]] are well-known [[superhero]]es from this universe.
In addition to Keeferman himself, the characters [[Joanderwoman]], the [[Cricket]], and [[Hellkat]] are well-known [[superhero]]es from this universe.

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The Keeferverse is the shared universe where most of the stories told regarding Keeferman take place. Note that in context, "Keeferverse" is usually used to refer to the main Keeferman continuity. Occasionally, "Keeferverse" will be used to indicate the entire Keeferman Multiverse, the collection of all continuities within Keeferman print publications, movies, and even his alleged real-life environment.



While Keeferman has been the epicenter of the most interesting activity in the Keeferverse, there have been other storylines presented that featured characters and times other than Keeferman's own. Most stories do, of course, feature Keeferman himself and are set in the United States of America in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.


The composition of the Keeferverse is the same as most other contemporary real world Earths, including Keeferman and some other previously unknown superheroes and supervillains. There have yet been no crossovers from other established Universes (comicbook or otherwise) though the occasional popular culture references are inescapable.


In addition to Keeferman himself, the characters Joanderwoman, the Cricket, and Hellkat are well-known superheroes from this universe.


The Keeferverse has not yet experienced much interaction with extraterrestrial aliens. It is acknowledged as a mathematical likelihood that they do exist but that technology, astronomic distances, and the Laws of Physics do not allow for our world to have come into contact with many others through normal space/time. Until and unless the finest minds that Earth has to offer prove otherwise, neither Martians nor Alpha Centaurians exist. This does not, however, preclude transdimensional travel and it is supposed that one day it might be discovered that there are aliens among us.

The Supernatural

Many of the creations of the Keeferverse have origins that defy explanation. Others quite plainly state that they are of divine (or diabolical) origin. It is known to contemporary science that other dimensions do exist and it is from these other dimensions that some characters in the Keeferverse are presumed to have come.

Time Stream

All Keeferman stories are presumed, unless otherwise specified, to be taking place in real time in the immediate present.


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