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The Encyclopedia Superheroica is based on the standard MediaWiki platform. In addition to superhero characters from comicbooks and film, The Encyclopedia seeks to document all aspects of superheroica. To maintain a modicum of academic credibility (with limited resources and personnel), posting in The Encyclopedia is presently restricted to an exclusive editorial board. Membership on the editorial board of The Encyclopedia Superheroica has been temporarily frozen, but constructive criticism is always welcomed. In addition to comments and suggestions, The Encyclopedia Superheroica accepts submissions for entire articles as well. Any such submissions may then be published at the editorial discretion of The Encyclopedia -though authorship would be credited appropriately (including exceptions in cases where anonymity has been specifically requested by the author). If and when board membership is reopened these experienced posters will be given first consideration.

Constructive criticism should be sent through suggestions @ Articles should be sent through submissions @ Please see Wikipedia and MediaWiki for more information about wikis, writing, and editing.

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