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For the moment, if you type the words "encyclopedia of superheroes" into a search engine, one of the first hits is usually a reference to the book The Encyclopedia of Superheroes (ISBN#0816011680) by Jeff Rovin.

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First published in 1985, The Encyclopedia of Superheroes is a comprehensive listing of some of the most popular characters in fiction. The first 350 pages are dedicated alphabetically to superheroes from DC's Adam Strange to Eclipse Comics' Zot. The last part of the book is divided into various appendices including: Superhero Teams, Golden Age Superheroes, and Foreign Superheroes. Unfortunately, there have been many more superheroes discovered in the generation since it went out of print. It does, however, complete a worthwhile survey of over 1,300 heroic figures and it is considered by many fans to be an essential piece for any definitive superhero library.

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