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Obviously an immense debt of gratitude is owed to Wikipedia and MediaWiki, so first let us thank them.


The Encyclopedia Superheroica's mission is to be the greatest encyclopedia of superheroes ever. Superhero material disappears from the Internet every day. Sometimes, if you know for what to look, you can find traces of it at The Internet Archives, etc. Other times it is gone forever. We here at The Encyclopedia, in order to save these precious resources, must occasionally take editorial liberties when it comes to our preservation efforts. While we shall endeavor to always cite our source material and respect the intellectual property of others, we cannot guarantee that our efforts will always be appreciated. Everything we do is for posterity's sake. However, if you own a particular property and believe we should reconsider our presentation of it, we would welcome your input. Just include your notes (along with documentation establishing your ownership) in an email to escalations @ encyclopediasuperheroica dot com and our staff will give each inquiry the attention it deserves.

Fair Use

Very few of the superheroes referrenced on this web site are of our own creation. All other such superheroes are the property of their respective creators and/or companies. Most of the superhero descriptions, references, or images used on this site were obtained from various public sources and are expressly indicated as such. There are, however, circumstances where original source may be either indeterminable or indefinite. In circumstances such as these, we shall make every attempt to keep the process transparent. The Encyclopedia makes limited use of some copyrighted material under Fair Use clauses of United States copyright law.

External Links

Some websites linked from this site may contain questionable or uncensored content. The Encyclopedia is not directly affiliated with every one of these thousands of websites and therefore makes no representations or warranties as to the whole of their content. We will, however, make an effort to keep it clean. Ultimate responsibility lies in the eyes of the beholder -or their legal guardian. Quis custodiet ipsos parves custodes?

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