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The Encyclopedia Superheroica is the greatest cooperative scientific endeavor since the Apollo space program or the Human Genome Project. It's five year mission is to gather and document as much superhero lore as can be found. While there are hundreds of publishers and thousands of characters and millions of websites, there has not been a centralized database to which researchers (academics and casual observers) could turn. All those stories were scattered too far and too wide. There was no collective objective standard. What is a superhero? Who are these superheroes? Where can one find out more about superheroes?


No longer does one have to sort through page after page of search engine hits to come up with those buried nuggets of information. We may only have just begun, but will be digging deeper and expanding the knowledge base every day until we have mined every last data point. -And then we will keep digging. The Encyclopedia Superheroica mission is to become the encyclopedia of superheroes.

As has been stated elsewhere, this is more of an evolving archive to be casually browsed or spot-searched than it is an academically-organized, definitive textbook. There are literally too many superheroes to count -and our definition doesn't even include Samson, Gilgamesh, Achilles, etc. We have, however, managed to get a good handle on enough sources to keep you occupied for so long that you'll never get around to writing that complaint letter about our use of the term "encyclopedic". It begins, as most things do, with a definition and a few how-to resources. There are outfitters and simulators. There are comic book databases and Real Life SuperHeroes. By the time you get to the final section, we're sure you'll be as surprised as we were to discover the astonishing scale of the astounding subculture of superheroes.

Or not.

-The Encyclopedic Foundation, September 2009

Encyclopedia Superheroica. The encyclopedia of superheroes.
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