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Much like HTML has standardized hypertext in the coding of webpages, CBML provides standardization in the digital archiving of comic books.

Comic book markup language beta.


Straight from the source at cbml.org:

"In order to facilitate the preservation, study, and analysis of these important cultural artifacts, the original comic books need to be digitized, and an XML vocabulary suitable for capturing the varied and complex data and metadata of the comic book needs to be developed. CBML is an attempt to develop such a vocabulary and complex data and metadata, and by extension, a website suitable for discovery of these graphic materials for teaching, learning or research."


<panel n="1" characters="cap leila falc">
    The <emph rend="bold">trial</emph> of the Falcon is ended, and its
    <emph rend="bold">memories</emph> put out of the <emph rend="bold">
    minds</emph> of Sam Wilson and Cap, and so, days later in New York…
  <balloon who="cap">
      Bring on the health food Leila… It may save the <emph
      rend="bold">Falcon</emph> from a bruised ego…

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